Blava is an online store for minimal, simple and high quality clothing made to live beyond the season. Sustainability and reducing the environmental impact wherever possible are the foundation of our small business. All our products are hand made locally in limited numbers and some items from our collection are made to order. To minimize waste, we use leftover fabric to make smaller accessories, print our own labels and wrap our orders.
We work with 100% natural fabrics (linen, ramie, organic cotton) which are chosen very carefully, taking into consideration the aspects of origin, durability, feel and texture.
We believe that everyone should be treated with kindness and equitability.
Every item is thoughtfully designed and crafted in Mallorca, Spain.



We offer a made-to-order model for some of our items as the most responsible way of producing garments. There are a lot of benefits for people and the planet before, during, and after production. For example, by producing on demand, we don't face overproduction, dead stock or leftover fabrics. Each piece is individually handmade, unique and therefore special. We place our value on fair pay, an intimate understanding of a piece of clothing's worth, its quality and longevity.